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Broadcast Fees Raised for 58th District Basketball Tournament

STORY UPDATE: WMDJ and the Floyd County School System has agreed to terms to live stream the 58th District Tournament. All games can been seen on our Facebook page live and also heard on 100.1 FM, and the new WMDJ Mobile App.




If you are expecting to watch your child or grandchild play in next week’s 58th District Tournament at the Prestonsburg Fieldhouse, WMDJ would like to apologize in advance, as we will not be able to provide live streaming coverage to social media for the event.


Prestonsburg High School Principal Ricky Thacker and Floyd County Schools Superintendent Anna Shepherd made the decision to raise the fee for live streaming 500% from last year.


That’s an increase from $500 to $3,000.00 to provide live stream service for 6 district tournament games.


Outside of the 57th District Tournament at Martin County High School which does not permit any live streaming, NO other district in the 15th Region charges a fee to media for live streaming. Matter of fact, no district in the 14th Region charges a fee for district tournament live streaming.


Only Floyd County Schools and the 58th District require a fee.

During COVID, we made the decision to expand our coverage of high school sports to provide live streaming via Facebook. Since then, we have provided live stream service of the 58th District Tournament for past two years. During that time, according to public records submitted to the KHSAA, the 58th District Tournament schools have seen their profits increase and attendance increase.


2020 Net Profit: $5,526.16     Attendance at Prestonsburg High: 1,766

2021 Net Profit: $8,662.84     Attendance at Betsy Layne High: 2,029

2022 Net Profit: $12,353.42   Attendance at Floyd Central High: 2,242

2023 Net Profit: $13,382.09   Attendance at Lawrence Co. High: 2,409


Profits made by schools in the 58th District last season were the highest in six years and despite live streaming, so is attendance, thus the narrative of “having the game on Facebook” is hurting the tournament is frankly false.


A decision was made today by Principal Thacker and Superintendent Shepherd to reduce the fee to a 250% increase over last year. We feel that because profits and attendance are up, the fee should remain the same, yet we’re at an impasse.


For over 40 years, WMDJ has strived in being a community partner with our local schools. We’ve always felt that putting our most precious natural resource, our children, is a top priority.


WMDJ will provide radio coverage of each game and audio streaming on and via the WMDJ Mobile App. Thank you for your understanding.